How To Remove Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Weight loss is the ultimate goal for many people. After days of vigorous exercise and a committed diet, the after-effects of weight loss are rewarding. Smaller pant sizes, a fit-defined body, and higher energy levels can significantly elevate the quality of your life. But there are also some frustrating challenges associated with drastic body change. Loose/Excess skin is the most common one. So, the question arises how to get rid of it?

There are many different options for patients and many claim miracles. Unfortunately, not everything you read is true. For example, firming creams and supplements claim to give significant improvement in the excess skin you have. Although they may help, these options will not give you the improvement you need. However, we often combine firming creams and supplements with our surgical procedure to enhance our results. Exercise is also very important in maintaining and continuing your weight loss. It is also helpful to build muscle mass to tone your body and maintain the result of any surgical procedure you have. However, exercise alone will not improve your loose skin.

If you have loose/excess skin, the only sure option to remove it is to surgically remove it. After weight loss surgery addresses hanging, sagging skin, or skin that is wrinkled. This cosmetic procedure removes the excess skin while also tightening the underlying tissue. After weight loss surgery is ideal for both men and women who are at their goal weight and in good health. This procedure can be performed on the arms, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, breasts and face. Surgical techniques will vary based on every patient and generally the procedure lasts approximately 3-7 hours, depending on areas treated. It is often combined with liposuction or skin tightening devices such a s BodyTite or FaceTite to enhance your results.


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