Back Lift, Liposuction
Patient presented desiring improvement in the appearance of her upper back, lateral chest and bra fat area. As such, patient underwent upper back lift, liposuction of back, lateral chest and axilla and lateral chest lift.

The pursuit for a sculpted physique extends beyond the more commonly addressed regions. The upper back, lateral chest, and the area around the bra often bear the brunt of accumulated fat, loose skin, and age-related changes, greatly affecting an individual’s self-confidence and clothing choices. Recognizing these concerns, our specialized team tailored a comprehensive solution that combined the efficacy of a back lift with the precision of liposuction. Utilizing advanced techniques, we meticulously removed stubborn fat deposits from the back, axilla, and lateral chest, while ensuring a smoother, tauter skin profile through the back lift. The lateral chest lift further enhanced the contour, giving the area a rejuvenated and more defined appearance. The post-operative result showcases a harmonious interplay of reduced adipose tissue, refined contours, and elevated skin, paving the way for renewed self-assurance.

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