About Liposuction

Houston, TX plastic surgeon, Dr. Edward Lee, offers liposuction, a body contouring surgery that effectively removes fat from an area of the body. There are several variations of liposuction we can use to reduce fat, reshape the body, and create a slimmer figure. While tumescent liposuction is the traditional, “gold-standard” approach, there are numerous other alternatives for patients who may not want or need surgical fat removal, such as laser-assisted liposuction, ultrasound-assisted lipo, and other methods. The most common areas we treat using liposuction include the abdomen, hips, thighs, flanks/lower back, upper arms, and neck. Liposuction can be combined with other procedures for optimal results, and it can be performed on more than one area of the body at a time. During your consultation, we will evaluate the problematic areas you wish to address, and discuss which liposuction option will best achieve the figure you desire.

Ideal Candidates

If you have realistic expectations of what liposuction can do for your figure, you are an ideal candidate for liposuction. It is also best if you are in good health, and need help with localized fat deposits on the neck, chin, upper arms, abdominal wall, back, hips, or thighs that will not budge even with diet and exercise. Liposuction patients have great skin elasticity so that the skin looks firm after the procedure. Of course, lipo is not performed on patients as a weight loss surgery. Also, a woman of childbearing years should consider waiting until she has no plans on becoming pregnant again, as a pregnancy will change the results of the surgery. The best candidates are at their goal weight.

Surgical Technique

In an out-patient setting, you will be put under a general anesthetic for your liposuction procedure (especially if you are having more than one surgery performed). A very small incision will be made into the skin in the treatment area, and a tube called a cannula will be entered into the incision. The cannula is a tool that helps loosen the fat as it is being suctioned out. Once the fatty deposits have been removed, the incision will be closed. Depending on the number of areas treated, your surgery could last 1 – 3 hours. In our dedicated recovery area, your post-operation nurse will help manage your pain, and care for your incision site until your discharge.

What To Expect

You may be in recovery at home from liposuction for 1 – 3 weeks, depending on the number of treatments performed, and size of the treatment area. It is normal to see swelling and bruising for 1 – 2 weeks, and you can have the sutures removed on day 7 to day 10. What is most important after having liposuction, is to allow your body to recover and heal. You may be able to go to work quickly (within 2 – 3 days) after your procedure, but we ask that you take it easy. Stick to light workouts and go for walks as you build up strength. Keep in mind, you may see changes after 6 weeks, but it takes 6 – 10 months before your new body shape and contour is visible.

Feel Fit & Toned

Without liposuction, you may have put in countless hours at the gym, or just couldn’t seem to change your body after baby with regimented diet and exercise. We understand that sometimes fat cells are stubborn, and our office takes appointments for liposuction consultations for this very reason. Whether you want to look better in a swimsuit, or just want a better proportioned body, liposuction can be used to treat many different needs for patients. The results of liposuction may last for many years, and its outcome can be made long-term by maintaining your weight. Call us and schedule today.

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