Back Lift, Liposuction
Patient presented desiring improvement in the appearance of her upper back, lateral chest and bra fat area. As such, patient underwent upper back lift, liposuction of back, lateral chest and axilla and lateral chest lift.
In an era where every contour of the body is given significant aesthetic consideration, areas like the upper back, lateral chest, and the notorious bra fat zone have come into sharper focus. These areas often accumulate fat, and over time, may sag or lose their youthful tautness. Addressing such specific aesthetic concerns requires a harmonized approach, and that’s precisely what was designed for this patient. With a blend of strategic liposuction techniques, we targeted and eliminated unwanted fat deposits from the back, axilla, and lateral chest. The upper back lift was instrumental in removing redundant skin and redefining the back’s silhouette, while the lateral chest lift worked to elevate and rejuvenate the chest’s profile. The combined effect of these procedures is a streamlined, toned appearance that not only enhances physical aesthetics but also bolsters self-confidence, allowing for a wider range of clothing choices without apprehension.
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