Breast Augmentation

Patient presented with hypomastia desiring augmentation. Patient underwent breast augmentation with Mentor MemoryGel XTRA smooth moderate plus silicone implants in the submuscular (underneath the pectoralis muscle) plane using an inframammary (under your breast) fold incision.

In an era where beauty, self-assurance, and identity entwine, many choose surgical interventions as a testament to their journey of self-love and self-rediscovery. Our patient, a graceful woman in her prime years, found herself at this intersection of reflection and aspiration. For her, this decision wasn’t just about amplifying her physical assets, but about echoing the inner resilience, wisdom, and vibrancy she had garnered over the years.

Originating from an Asian background, where cultural nuances subtly influence beauty perceptions, she desired a change that would complement her petite stature, yet stand distinctly authentic to her personal sense of beauty. Her choice of Mentor MemoryGel XTRA implants speaks volumes about her meticulousness and the desire for an augmentation that feels as natural as it looks.

At 350 cc, the implants were a harmonious choice, designed to enhance while ensuring that her physique retained its delicate balance. The submuscular placement paired with the inframammary fold incision signifies the perfect amalgamation of science, art, and patient comfort, ensuring that the results are not just visually pleasing but are also rooted in health considerations.

Post-operation, the transformation is multifaceted. Beyond the evident physical enhancement, there’s a newfound exuberance in her demeanor. Her decision to opt for breast augmentation was as much about external aesthetics as it was about internal affirmation. It underscores the powerful narrative that beauty, confidence, and identity can be redefined and reclaimed, regardless of age or cultural background.

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Breast Augmentation