Breast Augmentation

About Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is a cosmetic procedure that reshapes the breasts for a fuller look. It is considered one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, offering women who are dissatisfied with their breast appearance numerous options for improvement. Using breast implants or a fat transfer, this surgery enhances breast size, improves symmetry, creates a youthful shape, and produces a natural, beautiful outcome. Houston, TX plastic surgeon, Dr. Edward Lee, performs hundreds of breast augmentation surgeries each year. During a private, thorough consultation, Dr. Lee listens to your concerns, provides all of the augmentation options available today, and creates a tailored treatment plan to meet your aesthetic goals.

Ideal Candidates

The choice to have breast augmentation is a personal one. If you are considering this procedure it is important that you do it for the right reasons, and not for anyone else. Ideal candidates should be physically healthy with breasts that are fully developed, and of the appropriate age to receive implants. If you are unhappy with the look of your breasts because they appear too small, flat, or deflated, or if you have asymmetrical breasts, you may benefit from having this surgery. In addition, if your breasts have lost their youthful look due to age, pregnancy, or weight loss, breast augmentation can bring them back to life with increased volume and shape. It is also a nice enhancement for women who lift weights, have limited native breast tissue, or lack overall mass.

About Breast Implants

During the consultation, the appropriate breast implant will be recommended based on your body shape, lifestyle, and desired outcome. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right implant and that is why we strive to gain as much insight as possible during the consultation. Breast implants come in different types, sizes, shapes, profiles, and textures — all of which are taken into consideration to achieve the desired outcome. The most commonly used implants today are still saline or silicone, both approved by the FDA and widely used. Candidates considering saline implants must be at least 18 years old, and those considering silicone must be at least 22. Gummy bear implants (form-stable implants) are also another option, in addition to using a fat transfer for an autonomous approach. Once the decisions is made as to which type of implant will be used, there are a few other factors to decide.


Breast implant size is determined based on the number of CCs (cubic centimeters of saline or silicone) used. To determine the appropriate amount, we look at how much native breast tissue you have, as well as the size you wish attain. During surgery, it is common to place several implants to get an idea of the right fit.


Breast implants come in either a round or teardrop shape. The majority of our patients go with a round shape. It tends to look more natural and add a fullness to the upper breast that most patients desire.


Implant profile refers to the projection of the implant. This is what you see when you look at the breast from the side view. Most implants come in either a low, intermediate, high, or extra high profile shape.

While all of these options may seem overwhelming, choosing the right implant is actually quite simple. Gaining an understanding of your specific aesthetic goal is important to accomplish during the consultation. This aspect, blended with surgeon experience, will help pinpoint the right implant so that the desired outcome is achieved.

Procedure Techniques

During surgery, an incision will be made and the implant inserted into position. Two primary methods are used for implant placement, including submuscular placement (under the pectoral muscle), or submammary/subglandular placement, which is directly behind the breast tissue, but over the pectoral muscle. The decision as to where to place the incision and implant are based on many factors, including the type of implant chosen, your overall body structure, the degree of enlargement, and surgeon recommendation. This is discussed during the consultation because scarring is also something we discuss. Most of the incision points, however, leave minimal to no scarring.

What To Expect

Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure. Prior to surgery, you will receive general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. After the implant is placed into its final position, the incision is closed with skin adhesive sutures and you will be taken into recovery and monitored before being released to rest at home. You will be instructed to wear a support bra for a few days to help with swelling. Within a few weeks, the breasts will slowly settle into a normal position and over time, will begin to look and feel more natural. You should be able to resume activities, such as exercise, within 6-8 weeks. Breast augmentation produces gorgeous, natural results. It can oftentimes be a life-changing surgery for our patients, allowing them to feel more self-assured in certain clothing and confident in the way they look and feel.

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