Hand Surgery

About Hand Surgery

Hand surgery with our Houston, TX board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Edward Lee, can restore the appearance and function of your hand(s) following trauma or a serious injury, a health issue, or a congenital defect. Dr. Lee has many years of experience with surgical techniques and treatments that are necessary to save damaged tissues, repair the damage of cancer, restore the function of a crushed finger or hand, or reconstruct a deformity a patient may have had since birth. Dr. Lee sees patients of all ages with hand conditions, which require surgery or aesthetic treatments, as he understands how to repair a hand to function properly without sacrificing how it looks. Your treatment will include the best of both general and cosmetic surgery for a natural appearing result.

Ideal Candidates

We often see patients with referrals for hand reconstruction surgery. However, if you need surgical assistance for relief, there are numerous micro-surgeries of the hand that can be performed. Our team at Nuveau Plastic Surgery regularly see patients with carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, Dupuytren’s contracture, fractures, tumors, cysts, pre-cancer and cancer of the hand, birth defects, traumatic injuries, scars, burns, and open wounds. If you have a visible injury to your hand and are seeking a surgeon to improve its appearance and restore function, we invite you to call our office.

Surgical Techniques

For a hand surgery, the procedure is performed in an accredited surgical center or outpatient facility. Depending on the type of surgery or treatment performed, you may need a local or a general anesthetic. As each hand surgery is personalized to the patient, the surgical techniques will be defined within the treatment planning. Having an experienced hand surgeon with the artistic skills of a plastic surgeon benefits you in the areas of restoring how your hand will work again, and insuring that every precaution is taken to bring back how your hand looked before the condition began.

What To Expect

The recovery period of a patient who has hand surgery will be dependent on the type of surgery performed. Regardless, it is best to expect that you will need to make sure you are getting plenty of rest, following your post-operation instructions, and keeping your appointments with your doctors. You may also need to have physical therapy. The surgery will not be successful if strength and functionality is not regained. Physical therapy and prescribed hand exercises will benefit you in your recovery, and in the long run.

You Are In Good Hands

Please give us a call at Nuveau Plastic Surgery for your initial appointment to consult with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Lee. He is highly qualified to assess and treat your hand conditions at his practice in Houston. We encourage you to schedule a consultation at our office to learn more. Our team at Nuveau Plastic Surgery want to help you rebuild your strength, and provide you with services to make your hands and skin look natural and healthy.