Fat Transfer / Fat Grafting

About Fat Transfers

When an individual loses weight or ages, they lose natural volume in certain parts of the body where there was once fullness. One way to restore volume back to these areas is through a fat transfer (also known as fat grafting). This is a cosmetic procedure that uses liposuction to extract fat from one or more areas of the body and then transfer it to another area that needs volume. Fat transfers are commonly performed on the breasts in lieu of implants, in the buttocks (known as a Brazilian Butt Lift), and on the face to add volume to the cheeks, lips, or under the lower eyelid. Houston, TX plastic surgeon, Dr. Edward Lee, uses the most advanced techniques for performing fat transfers. His holistic approach to augmenting the body through this autologous procedure creates natural, full, lasting results with gorgeous outcomes.

Ideal Candidates

Anyone who desires fullness and volume in areas of the body that are flat, deflated, hollow, or too thin, may be great candidates for a fat transfer procedure. This procedure is even more advantageous for those who prefer a natural approach, desiring to use tissue and fat from their own body instead of implants or filler products. The use of one’s own fat also decreases the concern for rejection, which is an additional benefit. If you are considering this procedure, you must be at a certain weight and have enough fat to extract for the transfer. In addition, you must be physically healthy and a nonsmoker. The grafting process uses only healthy tissue for a long-term, lasting outcome.

Surgical Techniques

During this procedure, you will be put under anesthesia. The exact type of sedation or numbing medication will depend on how much fat is being extracted and where it is being placed. Liposuction is first used to remove the fat using a special cannula to delicately harvest the fat and then purify it through a centrifuge. This prepares the fat, saving only the healthy tissue, which will then be prepared to go into syringes. The fat will then be reinstated into the area of concern. During the injection phase, the fat tissue will be injected in layers and gently massaged for a smooth, even outcome. Multiple injections are almost always needed. Especially for larger areas, such as the buttocks or breasts.

What To Expect

After a fat transfer procedure, there are two sites on the body that require healing, including the extraction site and the injection site. The extraction area may require more recovery, especially if a larger amount of fat was removed using liposuction. As an example, a fat transfer for lip augmentation will only require a 1-2 day recovery, whereas a fat transfer to the breasts or buttock could take 3-4 weeks. The areas of injection will appear red and swollen, but the visible results can be seen almost immediately. An added bonus with this procedure is that the areas where the fat was extracted from will appear slimmer. It is important to understand that a fat transfer is not a permanent fix. While there will be some fat resorption, the results can still last many years. Patients may return for additional transfers as needed, but this is not always necessary. There is minimal scarring associated with a fat transfer. The incisions made from liposuction are very small, and the injections are generally made with a syringe.

Take The Natural Approach

If you desire a fuller bust, buttock, or wish to fill in fine lines and wrinkles on your face or lips and mouth, we invite you to learn more about the fat transfer process. Because of modern advances with fat grafting technology, this procedure is popular among both men and women seeking a natural enhancement. Call our office today to schedule your consultation.

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