Back Lift

About Back Lift Surgery

A back lift is a body contouring procedure that removes excess hanging skin and fat to reshape and “lift” your back. The surgery targets the hanging skin of your back that is not treatable by other means. Depending upon how much skin removal is required, a skin incision is made either on the back or on your side to lift and define your back area. Board-certified Houston plastic surgeon, Dr. Edward Lee, has special training with skin removal surgeries. In many cases, this surgery allows patients to not only reach their weight loss goals, but completes their overall transformation with a tighter figure that looks healthy and normal. Do you need expert advice for back lift in Houston? Feel free to contact Nuveau!

Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates for this surgery are patients who have loose, hanging skin on their back. Liposuction of these areas can worsen the condition. If you are a candidate for this procedure, it is important to have realistic expectations. First, scarring is a part of this surgery due to the location of the incisions. Second, this procedure does have a recovery perioed so it is important to plan for this if you work or have small children. Finally, it is important that you are at your goal weight, or a healthy weight when considering this surgery.

Surgical Techniques

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia. The surgery time can be between 3-4 hours. The incision is typically placed in the upper back along your bra line or along the side of your chest. The location of the incision depends on the amount of skin to be removed and whether other procedures are being performed. Once the incision has been carefully made, liposuction will remove all excess fat and the loose skin deformities will be trimmed away. Once the excess fat and loose skin have been removed, the remaining skin will be pulled tight and secured with sutures. Compression garments will be placed over the incision and surgical work to help create a slimming result, as well as to control swelling, bleeding, and bruising. You will also have a drain that will be removed 3-7 days after surgery.

What To Expect

It takes most patients around 2 weeks to recover from surgery and up to 4 weeks to resume full activities. We provide very detailed instructions on incision and wound care so that scarring is minimized as much as possible. While the recovery can seem lengthy, the results are life changing, leaving patients with a smoother, tighter back without the hanging, loose skin that prevented them from living a full life. Most of our patients feel it is one of the most worthwhile cosmetic procedures offered today.

Transform Your Figure

Our office employs some of the most compassionate individuals in the aesthetic industry. We take great pride and joy in helping our patients achieve their final goals. If you have excessive skin and hanging folds on your back, you may be a candidate for a back lift in Houston, TX. Call today for a consultation and allow us to discuss this life changing process with you.

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