Asian Double Eyelid Surgery

About Asian Eyelid Surgery

Asian eyelid surgery is one of the most common surgeries performed for Asian patients by our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Edward Lee. Dr. Lee’s goal with this surgery is to create a double eyelid fold and increase the vertical height of the eye to make eyes looking brighter and more alert.

Dr. Lee can also combine the Asian double eyelid surgery with medial epicanthoplasty (medial eyelid surgery) and lateral epicanthoplasty (lateral eyelid surgery) to increase the width of the eye. During a private consultation in his Houston office, Dr. Lee will discuss all the options with you, explain the differences in technique, and help you decide which type of procedure and method will work best to meet your aesthetic goals. Rest assured that you are in experienced and highly-qualified hands with Dr. Lee. Call and schedule with our patient coordinator today.

Ideal Candidates

Anyone looking to have a double eyelid fold (supratarsal crease) or wanting to change the size and appearance of existing fold is an ideal candidate for this surgery. The techniques may differ between young adults and older adults as the skin may be loose in elderly patients. However, this does not disqualify older patients from treatment! We will discuss your appropriateness for this surgery in a private consultation with a medical examination, and a discussion of your personal health history.

Surgical Techniques

The Asian eyelid surgery, or double eyelid surgery, is generally performed in an out-patient setting. This type of surgery can require a local or a general anesthetic. Your surgery may take 1 – 2 hours, and is dependent on what type of incision or nonsurgical technique is used to accomplish the aesthetic goal. For patients who have an excessive skin hooding or laxity of the upper eyelid, the traditional incision method is implemented. This incision is made at the proposed double line, where the excess skin and fat are both removed, and the double line is created. For non-incisional method, several slits are make along the proposed double eyelid lid. A stitch is then used to tack down the skin and the soft tissue (where the line needs to be created). Your treatment area will be properly treated and dressed before you are discharged.

What To Expect

Patients should be prepared for their eyelids and the area around the eyes to be swollen for 1 – 2 weeks after the operation. We suggest that patients leave the surgical center or hospital with protective eyewear. You will require assistance getting home, and will not be allowed to drive a car. Keep in mind that your eyelids may not look symmetrical for a few weeks as the skin settles into its new position and the treatment area heals. If at any time after your treatment that you have questions or concerns about your eyelids, please call and speak with your patient coordinator.

See Your Beauty

We want you to see your true beauty, and if you are self-conscious about your eyelids, this can be a difficult task. Asian eyelid surgery is very common in plastic surgery, and we welcome patients to have a consultation with us. Once you have an eyelid surgery, even at a younger age, your results should be long lasting and provide you with years of beautiful results. Contact our patient coordinator to schedule your consultation appointment.

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