After weight Loss Surgery

After Weight Loss Surgery

Men and women who experience a major weight loss have generally overcome a major hurdle in their life. While their new figure and physique represent a huge accomplishment, in many cases, additional hurdles exist. Patients who have lost a significant amount of weight generally have issues with loose skin that cannot shrink or conform to the new size and shape of the body. Whether this lose skin resides in the arm, abdomen, buttock, or thighs, in many cases, a surgical skin removal surgery is the only way to correct the skin deformity. Dr. Edward Lee, Houston, TX plastic surgeon, offers after weight loss cosmetic surgery to patients throughout the greater Houston area. This life-changing procedure is often the final step in a person’s personal transformation.

Ideal Candidates

After weight loss surgery is a cosmetic procedure that can be performed on both men and women. Weigh loss patients often realize early in their weight loss journey that there may be a need for skin removal once their goal weight has been achieved. If you have hanging, sagging skin, or skin that is wrinkled or exists in folds anywhere on the body, this surgery can remove the excess skin and tighten the underlying tissue for a tighter, healthy look. You should be at your goal weight and in good health to be considered for this procedure. In addition, because scarring is a part of this procedure, it is important to have realistic expectations.

Surgical Techniques

Skin removal surgery is considered a major operation in which you will be placed under general anesthesia. It generally takes between 3-7 hours to complete this surgery depending on how many areas are addressed and how many procedures are combined. In many cases, an overnight stay is required. The surgical techniques vary, but during surgery several things will occur. Liposuction will be used to remove any isolated fat pockets, followed by skin excision. Any loose, hanging skin will be trimmed away and the underlying tissue pulled tight. This surgery does require larger incisions than most cosmetic procedures, so there will be some scarring associated with the procedure. However, every attempt is made to place the incisions in the most inconspicuous areas possible and a very thorough scar treatment plan is provided to help the incisions heal quickly and safely.

What To Expect

Once you are released from the hospital you will need to schedule a few days to rest and begin your recovery at home. Draining tubes may be placed near the incision areas to help control fluid, and compression garments should be worn to help minimize swelling. It takes 2 – 4 weeks until you can begin resuming light activities, but depending on the complexity of the surgery it could take longer. We see most patients recovered by around 4-6 months. The results following this surgery can be seen immediately. Once healed, you can finally wear the clothes you want and partake in activities you have always wanted to do without worrying about loose and hanging skin getting in your way.

Reach Your Goals

Weight loss is such a huge achievement and we congratulate you if you have met your weight loss goals. However, we also understand that loose skin can be a new challenge. Whether you wish to address your arms, breasts, abdomen, buttock, or thighs, our office offers many options for weight loss patients. We invite you to call our office and learn about this advanced surgery and understand more about how we can help you reach your final transformation goals.

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