Patient presented desiring for her eyes to look more refreshed and defined. She had a small upper eyelid crease (supratarsal crease) but it was covered by extra skin on her upper eyelid. As such, upper blepharoplasty (incisional eyelid surgery) was performed to remove the extra skin, raise the eyelid crease higher, and define the eyelid crease.

This patient sought a rejuvenation that would echo her inner vitality and redefine the aesthetic contours of her eyes. The existing minimal supratarsal crease, obscured by surplus skin, indicated the potential for a transformative outcome.

Using the incisional eyelid surgery technique, our team meticulously addressed each of her concerns. The procedure went beyond mere skin removal; it was a precise art of sculpting, lifting, and refining the upper eyelid territory. This approach has allowed us to reveal a more prominent and artistically contoured crease, accentuating the beauty of her eyes while preserving her unique individuality.

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