Patient complained of looking tired and having loose skin on her upper eyelids. In addition, she complained of droopy eyelids and having difficulty seeing. She was diagnosed with mild blepharoptosis. As such, upper blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) was performed in conjunction with blepharoptosis repair to remove the extra skin, elevate and even out the upper eyelid margin, and sharpen the appearance of the eyes, making the eyes more refreshed and youthful. Patient is one month post-op.

At Nuveau, each patient’s story is unique, and our mission is to curate treatments that address their specific needs. When our patient approached us, the fatigue evident in her eyes was more than skin deep. The tired appearance was not solely due to the loose skin on her upper eyelids; it was compounded by the challenge of drooping eyelids, affecting her vision. Our comprehensive assessment diagnosed her with mild blepharoptosis, paving the way for a dual surgical approach.

The tailored treatment combined an upper blepharoplasty with a blepharoptosis repair. This twofold strategy aimed to eliminate excess skin while simultaneously elevating and balancing the upper eyelid margin. The result is a rejuvenated gaze, blending function and aesthetics seamlessly. Just a month post-operation, her eyes are not only aesthetically brighter but also liberated from the impediments she once faced. At Nuveau, we celebrate such transformations that impact both the outward appearance and the quality of life.

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