About Cellfina

Regardless of how fit and thin you are, unfortunately, there’s usually nothing that can be done to stop or remove the appearance of cellulite without assistance. Cellulite (a fibrous tissue) builds beneath the skin, mostly around the stomach, hips, and thighs, and can create a bumpy, dimpled look. Houston, TX plastic surgeon Dr. Edward Lee at Nuveau Plastic Surgery is delighted to perform Cellfina to help patients improve areas on the body that are plagued with cellulite. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration, Cellfina can correct the appearance of cellulite year over year. After two years, we see a 94% patient approval rating, and we continue to see sustained improvement moving forward. By pinpointing the fibrous tissue commonly found in the buttocks and thighs, Cellfina frees the bound tissue and helps smooth the treatment area in less than a week. In the past, cellulite was basically impossible to eliminate, but today, you can receive great, noticeable results from proven treatments, like Cellfina, at Nuveau Plastic Surgery.

Ideal Candidates

Cellfina provides great results with little risk for most men and women. However, you might not be a candidate if you have diabetes, varicose veins, an infection, or loose skin. Those taking blood thinners or who are pregnant should not have Cellfina treatments. Ideal candidates for Cellfina:

  • Are at a healthy weight
  • Have cellulite on their hips, stomach, or legs
  • Have toned skin
  • Have realistic expectations

Procedure Technique

Prior to your Cellfina procedure, Dr. Lee will have you stand still while identifying each of your treatment areas with a marker. Next, local anesthesia will be used. Using suction to stabilize and keep the treatment area tight, a microblade is inserted into the treatment area with the help of the Cellfina device. The fibrous bands that cause cellulite are separated, allowing the affected area to loosen. This reveals smoother skin. The procedure can typically be completed in less than an hour.

What To Expect

Under most circumstances, you can resume normal activities the day after your procedure. But we highly recommend you refrain from overexertion for a couple of days to allow the treatment area the chance to recover. Common side effects of Cellfina include tenderness, swelling, and bruising. These symptoms aren’t usually serious and fade away in the days after your procedure. Following the treatment, you could notice tangible results in days with peak results appearing in the months that follow. Men and women who keep their weight stable will see long-lasting results, but Cellfina can be performed as many times as necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Cellfina cost?
Cellfina treatments are priced based on the size of the area being treated, as well as the number of treatment sessions needed to attain the right results. In addition, some patients opt to have more than one area treated.

What is cellulite?
Cellulite is the dimply, lumpy flesh that appears on the hips, thighs, stomach, and buttocks. While cellulite is more prevalent in women, it can also be found in men. The exact cause of why cellulite forms and is visible is still unclear, but many doctors believe it is fat swollen with toxins, which may be caused by genetics, thin skin, and aging. Cellulite is not a serious medical condition and it can be found on both overweight individuals, as well as those who are thin.

How can I recover faster from Cellfina?
To help speed recovery and fat loss, a compression garment may be worn for 2 – 3 weeks. It is also recommended that you avoid strenuous activity, including exercise for 1 – 2 weeks. Following your appointment, you may see some slight redness and feel warm, but you are free to return to light activities immediately.

Will I have continuous improvements after Cellfina treatments?
Probably the most noteworthy benefit regarding laser cellulite reduction is that over time, you will continue to see results. This is due to the advanced collagen growth that takes place under the skin. After two years, we see a 94% patient approval rating, and we continue to see sustained improvement year over year.

Reduce Cellulite

Cellfina has helped hundreds of people to reduce cellulite from problem areas, increasing their self-esteem. If you are embarrassed by unwanted cellulite on certain parts of your body but do not want to resort to surgery to receive that taut look you dream of, call Nuveau Plastic Surgery to schedule a consult with Dr. Edward Lee. Learn how Cellfina can diminish the look of cellulite to provide a rejuvenated glow that complements your beautiful body.